Entering Motherhood: 10 Essentials to Prepare Before You Give Birth

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Having a baby in your life is one of the most crucial moments that need lots of preparation. Your child deserves to live their best life—which starts even before they come out. It is a responsibility that you and your partner should think through.

When you have a baby, a lot of planning comes along. Being prepared before the baby arrives is very important. Whether single or married, you have to be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared before the baby comes.

To be prepared, you need to buy everything your bundle of joy needs, like milk bottles, clothes, socks, mittens, and hooded bath towels for babies. And if you’re planning to breastfeed, you need to prepare a breast pump and consult your doctor about your plans a month before you give birth. These are essential things you need to prepare during the last month of your pregnancy because you might not have the luxury and time to go shopping once the baby arrives.

Here are ways you can prepare yourself before your baby arrives:

 1. Make a Creative Birth Announcement

A birth announcement is the best way to show off the little new addition to the family. Send cards to your family members or anyone you want to inform about your new baby. Doing this brings some form of satisfaction and joy to everyone around you and yourself.

Having a birth announcement is different from a baby shower, or gender reveals party. You can announce the birth of your child through a video or a picture! Be creative!

2. Pack Your Hospital Bags

It’s time to face the facts. You won’t know when your water may break. Pack your hospital bags and everything essential. Don’t also forget to pack your baby’s essential bags. It’s better to be prepared in situations like these.

It would help if you prepared your hospital bags because once your water breaks, it’s time. And as an expecting mother or couple, you may panic if you are unprepared. You do not want to panic because that can be an added stress to your body. Prepare your baby’s clothes, socks, extra clothes for you, and extra maternity pads.

3. Shop for Waterproof Bed Pads

Your baby could come at any moment. Imagine ruining your mattress just because your water broke amid your slumber. This can easily be avoided by getting yourself those waterproof bed pads.

4. Buy Frozen Meals

Consider pre-making your meals and freezing them. This is an excellent strategy to prevent yourself from eating junk food while you or your partner are on hospital duty. There are various meal recipes to choose from online that you can always reheat afterward.

5. Consult the Best Pediatrician

If you don’t have a pediatrician yet, it’s advisable that you choose the best one. Your baby deserves only the best care from the best healthcare professionals. Contact credible sites or your local hospitals once you get one, so they can visit you and your newborn after the delivery.

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6. Prepare Clean Carpets

Babies are going to be on the ground a lot. You wouldn’t want to sit on nasty worn-out carpets, would you? Start buying new carpets if the current one has passed the point of no return.

7. Baby-proof Your Home

Little humans are mischievous beings. They’re naturally curious about the new world they’re living in. As an adult, it is your job to make sure there are no sharp edges or hazardous places they can hurt themselves in while they explore.

8. Spend Time With Your Partner

Before your baby arrives, spend some time with your partner. You won’t have much time when the baby comes out. Making time for the people you love will both benefit you, the baby, and your partner.

9. Purchase a Nursing Bra

You’re going to need nursing bras while nursing your newborn. Readjusting your bra every time you feed the baby can be quite a hassle. Go to your local stores to buy the nursing bra you prefer.

10. Bake Some Sweets

Baking is an activity you can do to show your appreciation to the hospital staff. This may be a little extra, but it goes a long way. Bake some sweets or cookies for the nurses, and they’ll surely be grateful to you. The best part is, you can always eat the leftovers.

Now that you have your things ready, are you? Having a baby can be nerve-wracking. Don’t worry! You’ll do great. There is no fixed way to parent your kids, but preparing before they even come out is essential. Your baby will be thankful even if they’re incapable of saying so. Always give it your best!

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