Posted by Brad @ 1:05 pm on May 11th 2011

Music Video of the Dumbest F*$%ing Political Controversy of the Month

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Common featuring Lily Allen – Drivin’ Me Wild

The best reaction to this controversy comes from Dr. Coates , expanding on the rabble rousing that’s gone on in Obama’s first term:

You can understand why, say, Mike Tyson, Chuck D, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, OJ Simpson, NWA, or Snoop Dogg might be polarizing. A lot of these folks were polarizing even within the …

Posted by Brad @ 1:40 pm on November 18th 2010

Dumbest F’ing Political Controversy of the Month

Bristol Palin may be irrevocably damaging the integrity of Dancing with the Stars.

Runner up: some 16-year-old chick and some dude were totally arguing, and then the chick was all like, “you’re a faggot,” and everybody else was all like “oh no she di’nt!”

Posted by Brad @ 3:27 pm on October 18th 2010

Dumbest F’ing Political Controversy of the Month

Goes to Jack Conway and Democratic talking heads for deciding, in the waning days of a pivotal campaign, to have the Kentucky Senate race turn on the issue of whether or not Rand Paul pulling a prank on a member of his undergraduate swim team while at Baylor that entailed having her bow down to Aqua Buddha disqualifies him forevermore as a Christian or not.

To which I say:

What’s particularly jarring is not just that Jack Conway would make that strategic choice, but that guys like Josh Marshall are making the issue about whether or not Democrats have the testicular fortitude to go on the attack. To which I reply:

I don’t think anybody is saying that politicians should not go on the offensive. But Jack Conway, at least in significant sections of the debate and that ad, is not attacking or defending based on, say, ideas or issues. He’s doing it based on religious identity politics. He’s telling voters they shouldn’t vote for Rand Paul because his Christianity is suspect. In any another context, I’d suspect you might consider that an obnoxious meme to push. Of course, if a Democrat does it, the Republican deserves it…but you’re still validating the meme. I mean, listen to yourself. You’re taking seriously the idea that voters should (or will) take seriously the idea that Rand Paul’s stated religion is a hoax because of the Aqua Buddha thing and the fact that he likes Ayn Rand.

And really, if you’re spending an inordinate amount of time in the closing weeks of the campaign against RAND PAUL taking the spotlight off ideas and issues, and onto a bizarre prank he may have pulled in college, I don’t think anybody would argue that that’s a a move coming from, or exuding, a position of strength. It comes off as it is being characterized as it is…kind of dumb and pretty desperate. It’s weak at best and, at worst, it’s validating the same campaign milieu that, say, “Obama is a secret muslim” comes from.

And, if anything, giving Rand Paul cover (for his ideas and issues, and any subsequent disengagement from the Conway camp or the press), and the high road.

But, in that response, I actually OVER-estimated Marshall and his audience. Apparently, they really DO think that the Aqua Buddha incident proves Rand Paul isn’t a Christian. At least that’s what this followup post implies.

To which I reply:

Between the reader email and your comment about Paul being a “total fraud [on this issue]”, am I to understand that some of you guys honestly believe that the Aqua Buddha incident is proof that Rand Paul is not, in fact, a Christian?

Really? That seems to me either just bizarre, or maybe some of you guys need to step outside of the circus tent of horserace coverage for a minute and regain a little perspective.

If the bar of proof required to determine whether to take someone at their word as a Christian is so high that it can be immediately broken solely by a prank he pulled on a member of the swim team as an undergraduate at Baylor – that strikes me as blinkered on a level at least on par with saying Obama is not a Christian because he went to a muslim school as a kid.

But as to efficacy (which nobody seems to care about), who in their right mind thinks, as satisfying as they may find it on some juvenile level, that sucking up the debate, the ads, and now 99% of campaign coverage in the Kentucky Senate race with the issue of Aqua Buddha does any kind of strategic service to the Conway campaign? I mean, you can get in a decently interesting, if purely academic debate, on the whole “high ground or sink to their level” issue which comes up every single damn cycle, but it strikes me as a little academic here. Going “on the offense” is not good OR bad—it depends enitirely on whether that offense works to your advantage or not, or whether, in the zero sum gain sense of it, doing so is to your benefit or not. And even those strident emails don’t seem to care or even consider whether the attack works or not – they’re just happy its mean. Well, ladi-da I guess.

I mean seriously, congratulate yourself on “playing hardball” all you want, but if that entails having campaigns turn on witchcraft and Aqua Buddha and the like, I think you’ve at some point listed dangerous close to Distractionville.

Gives me an excuse to dust off an old favorite blog post series, at least.

Posted by Brad @ 12:22 pm on May 17th 2010

Dumbest F*%king Political Controversy of the Month

Miss USA Crowned! Debbie Schlussel writes the lede:

It’s a sad day in America but a very predictable one, given the politically correct, Islamo-pandering climate in which we’re mired. The Hezbollah-supporting Shi’ite Muslim, Miss Michigan Rima Fakih–whose bid for the pageant was financed by an Islamic terrorist and immigration fraud perpetrator–won the Miss USA contest.

So yeah, that’s exactly how that went.

Michelle Malkin would also like to let you know that Ms. Fakih might be dumb (unlike, say, Dr. Carrie Prejean), and the first runner up was Miss Oklahoma who supports Arizona’s immigration laws, which means she is probably the most beautiful (although, having been educated in Oklahoma, possibly a lesbian). Daniel Pipes manages to even get affirmative action in there somewhere. And although her scores were high in the swimsuit and evening wear portions of the contest, what really put her over the top was her talent: bailing out auto companies.

Just a question: when did beauty pageants become sensible theaters for right-wing women columnists to wage proxy culture wars?

Doug Mataconis, meanwhile, ends his own post on the subject with compelling counter-evidence as to why Ms. Fakih might have won or why, who cares?

Posted by Brad @ 9:47 pm on November 13th 2008

Awesomest Political Controversy of the Month

The Nebraska child drop-off law.

In case you’ve missed the trickling reports, most states have “safe haven” laws wherein mothers can abandon their children at, say, hospitals, no questions asked, and child services will take them.

Nebraska passed such a law in July. Only, they didn’t write it very well, to include only newborns, as per most states.

Suddenly, Nebraska parents were dropping off their teenagers.

The state was flummoxed at this, and made an announcement in October that they were going to rewrite the law in mid-November.

At which point the rate of parents dropping off their teenagers tripled.

Posted by Brad @ 9:14 pm on October 9th 2008

The Dumbest Political Controversy of the Month?

Not even the 10th yet—and in a month already so full of pretty dumb f*#king controversies that I could probably be doing this daily—but we might have an early contender.

From Kathryn Jean Lopez, under the header “Running For President of Europe?”

When Obama says Pock-i-stahn I have an uncontrollable urge to read the New Yorker and find some Chardonnay.

Fortunately I have an old copy of NR and a Coors Light to snap me back to reality.

Seriously though — no one in flyover country says Pock-i-stahn. It’s annoying.

Pock-i-stahn is, of course, the correct way to pronounce it, and nobody outside of fly-over country does it differently. I imagine the Coors Light pronunciation grates on the ears of the people from Pack-e-Stan, but F them, who cares what they think?

Not sure it really qualifies as “controversy”, so I might have to settle on “honorable mention”, but still.

June, July, September (I guess I forgot August).

Posted by Brad @ 1:08 pm on September 12th 2008

The Dumbest Political Controversy of the Month

First month’s winner was Michelle Malkin for her declaration of Meghan McCain’s support of terrorism through choice of scarfage. Last month’s winner was Patrick Ruffini for his “how dare the Obama campaign engage the German language whilst in Germany” crusade.

Now, although it’s a little early to say and so far this has been a banner month for dumb f*#@ing political controversies (see below; no, seriously, most any post below), I think we might be cycling back to Malkin.

John McCain and Barack Obama put aside the campaign yesterday and visited Ground Zero together. It was a nice gesture on their parts, and appropriately solemn and respectful. A brief moment that wasn’t a ridiculous “us vs. them, red vs. blue” game of one-upmanship or a ridiculously partisan attempt at ownership of a profound human tragedy.

Cue screeching hyena

It’s a small gesture, but gestures matter at the hallowed grave site of so many murdered innocent Americans.

Barack Obama flings a memorial rose at Ground Zero like he’s a kid tossing pennies into a fountain at the shopping mall — or a spectator tossing flowers at a bullfight.

He doesn’t know what he’s doing.

(Clueless NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg copies him.)

By contrast, John McCain and his wife kneel and gently, somberly, place their roses down at the foot of the 9/11 tribute.

Tons of you e-mailed me about this. Here’s the vid for the rest of you who didn’t see it. It’s a telling cultural and generational distinction between these two men vying to be commander-in-chief of our nation

I dare you to venture into the comments section.

Posted by Brad @ 4:31 pm on July 23rd 2008

The Dumbest Political Controversy of the Month

If you’ll remember, June’s winner belonged to Michelle Malkin (and brigades of other right wing bloggers) for the keffiyeh controversy (a keffiyeh being a scarf which holds anti-American views), and the one-two punch served to such Jew-hating terrorist sympathizers as Rachel Ray and Meghan McCain.

Now, I think we have a winner for July.

At issue: Obama’s campaign is printing campaign materials in German. For their event. Which is in Germany.

Patrick Ruffini:

This is pretty extraordinary. A candidate for the American Presidency is using flyers printed in German to turn people out for his campaign rally in Berlin on Thursday. This flyer can be found on a bilingual page on advertising the event:

The German flyers bear Obama’s campaign logo and say “Paid for by Obama for America.”

I’m surprised at this lapse in judgment in an otherwise well-oiled and professional Obama campaign. The last time they printed up campaign paraphenalia in a foreign language, it didn’t work out so hot for them.

This, some contend, is just like when the Nazis did it.

I am not making that up.

Ruffini also deems extraordinary that an American politician holding events in foreign countries could be said to have conducted a campaign event on foreign soil. Because that’s never happened before. Never ever.

It’s easy pickings. My favorite (Matt Yglesias):

Patrick Ruffini slams the Obama campaign for using a foreign language in its promotional material for an event in Germany. Apparently it’s now unpatriotic to so much as concede that they speak foreign languages in foreign countries.

And there you have it. The dumbest political controversy of the month. A little schadenfreude is, I think, in order.

Posted by Brad @ 1:00 pm on May 28th 2008

The Dumbest Political Controversy of the Month

Michelle Malkin takes it.

See, Rachel Ray recently filmed a Dunkin Donuts commercial in which she was wearing a scarf, and…

Aw hell. I don’t even have the heart or patience to type it beyond that. It’s just too dumb to put to words.

Needless to say, the anti-islamofascist brigades continue to go a long way towards marginalizing themselves by essentially doing nothing but whipping each other into a useless frenzy on a near daily basis.

Posted by Brad @ 1:25 am on September 26th 2012

Don’t Care

Not that anybody cares, but I’ve added a new category (the thing on the right sidebar or the bottom of posts that lets you pull up the posts we have decided in entirely arbitrarily ways are related and are organized around concepts only we, usually on whims, care about).

This one is simply titled “Don’t Care”, and it includes two pretty ad hoc features I’ve used over the years.

“I Don’t Care About…”: Posts about “issues” that capture column space or cause heated debates that, to me, seem dumb, uninformative, spoken about way out of proportion to their real-world impacts, or are almost always just about wheel-spinning or dog whistling. Things as specific as Jeremiah Wright or 911 Truthers or as general as illegal immigrants, affirmative actions, or steroids – but they can also be sort-of intentionally risable, like gay bullying or Ron Paul’s racist newsletters. I tend to go pretty in depth about why I don’t think the issue is actually important (at least in the sense most people thing it is).

“Dumbest F’ing Political Controversy of the Month”: Similar, except much more specific – things like outrage that Common was invited to the White House, or Meghan McCain wears a Keffiyeh. These can read very dated, because usually a month later nobody remembers them (for very good reason), but they’re those stupid little things that blow up for a week, and are almost always somebody trying to project their own tribalism onto some idiotically insignificant thing. Haven’t done one of those in awhile – feel free to offer up suggestions often.

Really, taken together, these features are about debunking, of a sorts. The kinds of things we often argue about incessantly – either ones with a shelf life of a week or ones with a shelf life of a generation – can be stupid or irrelevant. Nobody’s life was ever actually made worse by ACORN and, really, the people that give a sh*t if Obama does a courtesy bow to the Prime Minister of Japan are assholes (can’t believe I never included those two in the above features). And if you devote genuine headspace to fretting over Aqua Buddha in Kentucky or Sharia Law in Oklahoma, you’re a moron—or, more likely, you’re just a partisan pretending to actually give a sh*t so you can get in knocks or try to fool people who aren’t paying attention or have no perspective.

Anyway, other bloggers, feel free to use those two features and categorize appropriately. And, readers, if you ever want to come to a political blog to taste annoyed ambivalence…why have we got a category for you.

Posted by Brad @ 12:46 am on October 23rd 2008

Another Contender

For Dumbest Political Controversy of the Month.

Is it just me, or does $150,000 for a wardrobe, hair, and makeup when you’re the biggest political sensation in the nation, the second female Vice Presidential candidate of all time, forced to make camera-ready appearances several times a day, and, like all highevel candidates, are almost certainly going to be measured and judged on appearance (even more salient for women)…seem pretty reasonable?

Lisa Schiffren has the only near-sane take I think I’ve seen on this all day.

I didn’t give Edwards crap for his 300 dollar haircuts either, and that seemed much less reasonable to me. It’s about the most brain-dead charge one can generically throw around in a campaign. People whose entire political existences are judged on often the shallowest of grounds find it a worthy investment to look good?

Blame yourselves, mates. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Posted by Brad @ 9:04 pm on October 16th 2008

Quote of the Day

And another possible contender for “dumbest political controversy of the month”. El Cid:

To think that the Soviets spent 70 years and trillions of dollar equivalents trying to overthrow the U.S., and all they had to do was hire some black people to go out and register voters, some of whom would seditiously give false identity information on their applications.

Stupid Soviets! Your power is no power! ACORN has real power! YOU FAIL!

Posted by Brad @ 9:13 pm on July 21st 2008

Keffiyeh Controversy

I wrote last week about the world’s dumbest political controversy, the one regarding Rachel Ray’s scarf choice on a Dunkin Donuts commercial and what that apparently says about Islamofacism. Doing some random surfing, I came across another woman catching heat for scarfage—Meghan McCain.

Here she is, supporting terrorism:

Supporting Terror

And here she is, obviously contemplating killing Jews:

Killing Jews?

Please note the murderous bloodlust in their eyes.

The keffiyeh has become the symbol of jihad, and it’s no coincidence that in many beheading videos or other fierce displays of Islamic murder and violence, the warriors hide behind the keffiyeh. This isn’t “just clothing.” Wearing a keffiyeh is really no different than sporting a swastika or a white hood. The media would have a fit if a prospective First daughter wore those.

It’s a disgusting display that Ms. McCain would sport this garb of torture and murder and death and inhumanity.

And it’s Ron Paul supporters who get tarred as nuts.