Posted by Cameron @ 11:46 pm on September 5th 2012

My Thoughts

I have always had a minor love of online political quizzes. My newest discovery is a fun little quiz called I Side With. It got me thinking a bit about where I am standing in this electoral season. The 2012 race has so far been an uninspiring one. Unlike 2008, I just haven’t been able to muster much interest. The GOP field of candidates has found me alternating between bouts of fear and indifference. Though it took far longer than it should have, the true religious nut jobs were shown the door and the indifference returned. The lackluster options served to sap whatever initial enthusiasm I had going into this race.

So now it’s Romney. As I mentioned in a comment recently, his selection of Paul Ryan as VP reignited an inkling of interest in voting for him. That inkling is dead. Romney continues to piss me off. I get a slimey vibe from the guy. His perpetual fluidity of ideology is troubling; I haven’t got a clue what sort of governing president he will be. He may be better than Obama fiscally but he’d be worse socially. He would likely be dreadful in civil liberties. He could be better than expected or a clusterfuck in every regard. In short, my lack of support comes down to the fact that I don’t trust him.

Obama got a reluctant nod from me in 2008. He will not get it again. I can stomach fiscal mismanagement and massive deficits. I can tolerate further government expansion into healthcare. I can handle inaction on entitlement reform. Though I like the DREAM Act, I cringe but can overlook the fact that his administration has deported the highest number of people ever in three years (1.1 million). I can even applaud slow motion actions toward free trade agreements. However, I cannot condone or support a president with as dreadful a record on civil liberties as Obama. That is my deal breaker. Hope for Obama as better than McCain in civil liberties was the driving force behind my support in 2008. Unfortunately, his embrace of the worst of Bush’s excesses has left me bitterly disappointed. He is not deserving of a second term.

Which leaves Gary Johnson. I support him virtually without reservation. His platform reads like my wish list. He ticks all the right boxes. He lacks the social conservative tinge of past LP candidates and is solid on just about everything. That little quiz I mentioned at the beginning…pegs me as siding with him 96% time. And yeah, that’s good enough to get my vote in November.

Posted by Rojas @ 2:15 pm on August 30th 2012

In 2008, the LP candidate for President decided to get in a public fight with Ron Paul.

I think this might be a marginally smarter strategy:

Posted by Brad @ 6:19 pm on June 13th 2012

Quote of the Day

Speaking of liberty agendas…

“I am the only candidate that is promising to submit a balanced budget to Congress in 2013. I promise to veto any expenditures that exceed revenue. I’m the only candidate that doesnít want to bomb Iran. Iím the only candidate that wants to get out of Afghanistan tomorrow. Iím the only candidate that wants to repeal the Patriot Act. Iím the only candidate talking about marriage equality as a constitutionally guaranteed right.”

Gary Johnson

Yeah, but what kind of lunatic who supports those things doesn’t see the wisdom of voting for Obama/Romney, because otherwise Romney/Obama might win!


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A gay day at Johnson campaign HQ

It seems that Christopher Barron, head of GOProud, has gotten tired of making common cause with people who want to incinerate him, and has publically endorsed Governor Johnson for the Presidency:

The Republican primary fight has become a train wreck in slow motion. Instead of talking about fundamental reform, we are left to hear fighting over contraception and gay marriage. Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have waged a campaign over the last few weeks that has been shameful and politically tone deaf. The Democrats want a culture war because they canít defend President Obamaís failed record on jobs and the economy, and it seems like the Republican Party is hell-bent on giving them a culture warrior or at least ó in the case of Romney ó one who plays one on TV. Well, this where I get off.

We at the Crossed Pond, of course, believe that Mr. Barron is free to get off in whatever location and manner he chooses.

EDIT: The comments thread in the linked post is worth reading if you want some insights into the views and strategies of those within the LP who oppose Johnson’s nomination.

Posted by Rojas @ 3:04 pm on January 20th 2012

The inevitable torpedo

Gary Johnson is polling at between 8 and 10 percent in some states, drawing largely from Republican support. He’s virtually certain to draw off almost all Republican Paulites unless Rand is on the ticket. At that point the only scenario in which the Republican candidate wins the Presidency is if Europe tanks badly enough to take the US down with it.

This is probably the single most under-covered aspect of the Presidential election at the moment. I doubt it will stay that way.

Posted by Brad @ 1:00 pm on August 25th 2011

RIP, Gary Johnson Campaign

In an alternate universe, Gary Johnson might be a good candidate.

In this one, he seems to be there with Jon Huntsman and Tim Pawlenty in the pantheon of candidates who look good on paper but who don’t even get a look in reality. In retrospect, the decision of Paul to run again was probably a mortal wound, as was the fact that the one issue he really distinguishes himself on – the drug war – just isn’t very live. It’s not even that it’s unpopular per se, just that it seems to be greeted with total ambivalence. Who’d have thought that, as far as pet issues goes, the War on Drugs would come off as more anachronistic and less able to stir emotions than conspiratorial-ish distrust of central banking and wonky counterfactuals on monetary policy in history.

In any case, the next Republican debate – and the first to feature Rick Perry – will be held September 6th, and Politico/NBC has set their arbitrary inclusion requirement as having polled 4% of more in any national poll.

So sharing the stage will be Rick Santorum (who snagged a 6% outlier in June) and Jon Huntsman (who once polled at 4%), but not Johnson, who can only broach 3, and will thus join the sad ranks of Thad McCotter and Buddy Roemer in the category of candidates who can’t even launch into also-ran territory.

Katrina Trinko implies that that cutoff probably isn’t accidental. She’s probably right, but at this point I’m not really sure I’d have any real good argument for his inclusion. At this point he just doesn’t have a constituency.

This is probably the death-knell for the Johnson campaign, such as it needed one. It’s too damn bad. Is it too late to get into the race for Bingaman’s Senate seat?

Posted by Rojas @ 5:39 pm on May 5th 2011

Republican debate liveblog

Santorum/Cain vs. Paul/Johnson…if there’s a better way to encapsulate the war for the soul of the Republican Party, I don’t know what it would be. Yeah, I know, they’re all supposed to be independent agents, and that “Pawlenty” guy will be in there straddling the line, but let’s not fool ourselves. It’s Libertarians vs. ChristCons!

Comments thread for live commentary. Jump on in.

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“Ron Paul without the gold obsession and the racist newsletter baggage.”

Gary Johnson is officially in the race, and Conor Friedersdorf dares to dream:

As yet, I’m unsure whether I’ll cast my ballot for him or not. But I’d I’d love to see what happened if an honest man with executive experience, an aversion to wars of choice, and a soft spot for civil liberties took the White House.

Is anyone else going to offer me that chance?

I believe I’ll donate.

Posted by Brad @ 7:04 pm on April 20th 2011

Don’t Run, Ron

David Weigel explains why Gary Johnson hasn’t yet gotten the attention he deserves, and probably won’t.

Posted by Brad @ 10:43 am on November 16th 2010

Johnson 2012

Stephen Gordon at Liberty Papers takes a look, with a nice roundup.

Can I add that I don’t believe Sarah Palin runs, Huckabee is a paper tiger, and Romney is nigh on unelectable although he will be the 500 pound gorilla in the early states. We have not yet seen the front-runners in the 2012 Republican primary. I doubt that Johnson is a real contender, but I also won’t rule it out. Either way, people ask why I’m still a Republican – it’s because, every cycle, the one guy that really excites me is invariably running in a Republican primary. 2012 looks to be no different.

P.S. Perhaps we should add a Gary Johnson tag, as with our Ronslaught tag in 2008. Any suggestions on a name?