Posted by Brad @ 5:07 am on October 29th 2007

What’s So Offensive About 9-11 Truthers?

Some more insomniac blogging.

Bill Clinton was giving a speech somewhere and ended up getting heckled by some Truthers (being involved in the Ron Paul movement, that’s what we call them).

As Liveleak puts it:

Clinton’s 50-minute speech, which started about an hour behind schedule, was derailed briefly by several hecklers in the audience who shouted that the 2001 terrorist attacks were a fraud. Rather than ignoring them, Clinton seemed to relish a direct confrontation.

“A fraud? No, it wasn’t a fraud,” Clinton said, as the crowd cheered him on. “I’ll be glad to talk to you if you shut up and let me talk.”

When another heckler shouted that the attacks were an “inside job,” Clinton took even greater umbrage.

“An inside job? How dare you. How dare you. It was not an inside job,” Clinton said. “You guys have got to be careful, you’re going to give Minnesota a bad reputation.”

A video clip of it:

In a sort of related story, Captain’s Quarters reported on the story that the Ron Paul campaign, in an early stage, paid Alex Jones—radio hose and 9/11 Truth leader who has frequently had Dr. Paul on his program—$1300 in “services”. My guess is for banner ads on Jones’ websites, or Jones doing something for their website, or somesuch, but I’ve no idea. And, nobody knows if it’s the same Alex Jones or some other Alex Jones, which seems a key thing for this “story”. Regardless, Morrissey says:

This goes much closer to the heart of Paul’s direction. While anyone can contribute to a political campaign, the choice of where the money goes is directly and completely relevant to an analysis of the candidate. If Paul chooses to help fund a 9/11 Truther, voters can reasonably conclude that Paul has sympathy for the paranoid conspiracy theorists.

His source, which he quoted, goes farther:

Either way, Iím mighty curious to know what special service might have been provided such that Paulís people couldnít have gone elsewhere and gotten the same deal from someone who isnít a degenerate conspiracy theorist.

My question: who cares?


Posted by Brad @ 7:48 pm on June 9th 2007

America Fiddles While Paris Burns

Also: I don’t care about Paris Hilton.

This will be the first, and last, post about her, hopefully in the entire run of the blog. She’s imminently ignorable, and unless she does something like assassinate Barack Obama, I don’t see much reason to talk about her. But, since it practically can’t be avoided at this point, here are some thoughts, after the “more” divider, so you can ignore them entirely if you wish, and I don’t blame you a bit if you do.


Posted by Brad @ 12:18 pm on June 8th 2007

I Don’t Care About Immigration

That’s my admission.

I don’t mean that I don’t have views on it, or that I don’t find a lot to be passionate about in terms of the rule of law, the land of opportunity, corporate largesse (an angle none but Paul seem willing to talk about), or national security. But as a broad issue, immigration, particularly illegal immigration, just totally fails to animate me. Whether it’s the hysterics we saw in the Republican debate last week, or the doomsaying Mark Steyn-ish “our society will soon collapse and disintegrate!” demographic stuff, or the liberal “we must provide health services for alien babies!”, I just don’t care. Ho-hum. What else is on?

It’s obviously a massive public policy issue, and deserves thoughtful consideration, none of which I deny, but maybe it’s because where the passion on the issue IS, pro and con, thoughtful consideration seems consistently absent. I hear people bleeting on about the imminent decline of America at the hands of either racist rednecks or poor brown people, and my eyes just start to roll back into my head.


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