Posted by Jerrod @ 10:16 pm on November 10th 2008

Who we are, part X (Jerrod)

As a longtime friend of most of the posters on this blog as well as a regular reader, I’m very happy that The Crossed Pond has taken the mature step of expanding its breadth by inviting me to join the list. I figure that the failure of conservatism and the general public rejection of a obviously flawed ideology has driven TCP to bring on board someone with a little more public appeal, namely me.

I’m from the USA, was born in Montana, raised in Idaho, spent formative high school and college years in Minnesota (Twin Cities and Duluth) and then some graduate school in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve lived in Japan for the last 9 years and have done research, advanced degrees, and teaching experience in anthropology and cultural matters. I’ve been tasked with making occasional contributions from a non-US, Pacific-leaning, cultural view. I accept that challenge with honor.

On the political side of things, I might be a little outclassed in terms of expertise, not to mention that I’m more left leaning than most posters here. I’m fully aware that I don’t really have the depth of consideration of the issues that Rojas does, the smug arrogance of Adam, the world experience of Jack, or the typing prowess of Brad. I’ll be less involved in some of the nitty-gritty political stuff and will instead try to flavor up the blog, maybe make it more interesting to people who aren’t hard core political junkies. I’ll still make contributions on political stuff but I’ll be bringing a wider bevy of topics in my occasional posts.

There are a lot of ways to expand the topics on TCP, but I was thinking that it would be cool to start with stuff that is a little bit lighter than the heavy political discussion here (Big L vs little l = what, is this Sesame Street?). Maybe some in-depth analysis and discussion of the latest fashion trends and clothing lines, on-set romances and pending paternity suits, and drunken antics (on and off the field!) of the celebrities and athletes that bring so much joy and meaning to the lives of pretty much everyone who doesn’t read this blog regularly? My exclusion from the day to day minutiae of the US infosphere means that I only have superficial contact with only the most popular and important stories, i.e. I’m pretty much on the same level as Main Street. It’s a perfect fit. Brad still gets to contribute his musical digressions though.


Posted by Liz @ 5:59 pm on November 6th 2008

Who We Are, Part 9 (Liz)


So this is where I’m supposed to tell you who I am and what I’m about. Turns out I’m still trying to work all that out, but this is who I am in my current manifestation.

Posted by Cameron @ 3:25 pm on November 5th 2008

Who We Are, Part 8 (Cameron)


As it happens, I’ve been reading this blog for exactly a year. I found it in my frantically excited refreshing of the Google Blog Search results of “Ron Paul” last November the 5th. Though it took me a while to register to comment, I eventually did and have been hanging around here throughout the ups and downs of the political campaigns of the last year. While it’s likely some of the readers here will recognize me from my comments, to solidify my bio, I have written a bit of an introduction about me and where I stand politically. I reserve the right to change and update this post if it’s necessary, so feel free to check back someday; you might just find something new. So as not to hog the main page with my first substantive post, I’ve put the entire 2300 word biography after the jump. Enjoy.


Posted by dizzy @ 8:54 am on November 19th 2007

Who We Are, Part 7 (Dizzy)

OK, let’s get something straight right away. If you want to know what my position is on gun control, abortion, and Ron Paul, then you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not here to talk about American politics accept perhaps in telling you how the fun and games of the 2008 race is portrayed in the UK.

No. The purpose is to give you the briefest of digests about politics in the UK on a weekly basis. Just a snapshot really. It will be totally biased, utterly partsian, and will rarely give any credit to the Government for anything. This is not just because I am a Tory, but because the Government is rubbish.

Now you may be wondering, “why do I care what you bad dentistry idiots get up too?” and you know what, you’d be right for the most part. However, can you think of anything better to do than read about how Britain is going to Hell in handcart and point and laugh at those of us unfortunate enough to have to live here?

Just to give you the quickest of examples. A children’s author has today moaned that her publisher edited her book where a dragon toasted marshmallows by using the flames from its nose. Why did they edit it? Isn’t it obvious? It was because “it looked dangerous and went against health and safety”. They even edited out one of the charcaters using a ladder because it promoted risky behaviour to children.

Feel free to laugh and point at our idiocy. I do.

Posted by Mark @ 12:10 pm on November 16th 2007

Who We Are, Part 6 (Mark)

Much as the English did, when they first came to America, I am here to generally despoil something virginal and good, sow disease and spread dissent (and kill natives).

I hereby claim this blog for the Queen.

Going over the other bloggers’ introduction posts, it would perhaps be best for me to outline my positions on the various hot button topics that you colonials feel are desperately important and place myself firmly within the US political spectrum. However, this I feel will work against me as I ride roughshod over the other bloggers’ beliefs and more importantly, contradict my own firmly worded statements.

I hope you bear in mind that any perceived lack of framework for my belief system is more a desire to be a moving target, than a product of my inherent shallowness. In this, you can consider me representative of my adopted home town, Washington, DC.

Additionally, I feel it best to skip over the listing of an impressive curriculum vitae, as I find arguments are easier, by far, to win when you can feign expertise in any number of esoteric subjects.

I feel though that I can add something of vital importance to this blog. As an Ex-pat in the US, and a prole from the UK, I think my ability to dispense ignorance in equal amounts is exactly what this site needs.

I also bring with me a lifetime’s worth of Role Playing Games anecdotes.

Won’t this be fun for everyone?

Posted by Jack @ 1:19 am on November 16th 2007

Who We Are, Part 5 (Jack)

Greetings to all. I have been a commenter at The Crossed Pond for some months, under the nick Misanthrope. I am a 24-year Navy veteran just embarking on my post-military career. I am one of only five people in my age group actually born in the state of Florida, as opposed to moving here from the North East (aka, The Hellish Cold Wasteland). I drink scotch. Usually while writing, which will probably go a long way toward explaining most of what you read from me. If you are confused by my logic or syntax, simply nod wisely and mutter to yourself “That sounds like the scotch. Again.”

I am quite uncertain as to how to categorize myself for you politically, but I suppose “civil libertarian with a strong distrust of centralized governmental power, respect for free market economics, but with a great deal of skepticism regarding pure libertarianism’s ability to deal adequately with several key public good areas.” Not sure what that makes me. Goldwater liberaltarian? Half liberal, half libertarian, half paleo-conservative? ManBearPig? In practice, I am simply a contrarian. Some specifics:


Posted by James @ 7:21 pm on July 12th 2007

Who we are, Part 4 (James)

Suffice to say that I am perhaps the least politically savvy of my fellow bloggers here; I know, it is hard to believe, but it is true. A further truth is that I am here because Adam, Brad, and Rojas are what I like to call ‘friends’, and what are friends if they can’t sucker you into the living hell they are enduring?

At any rate, humor is my first love and I know how to make intelligible marks on things with pen and pencil to express it. I remain as anonymous as I can because I am a hunted man. I was asked to participate here for reasons that entirely escape my understanding, but I also don’t know a good way to get out of it that doesn’t involve at least a modicum of murder, so here I am.

Live with it.

Posted by Brad @ 3:39 am on June 16th 2007

About The Crossed Pond

The Crossed Pond is a mostly political web log founded by three longtime friends and political bickerers. Adam is a physicist from England, now living in the rural North-East of the US. Brad is a freelance writer from Pittsburgh soon to be living in Moscow. Rojas is a teacher at a Catholic school in the midwest.


Posted by Rojas @ 5:35 pm on February 13th 2007

Who we are, Part 3 (Rojas)

I teach at a Catholic school in the midwest. This, apparently, qualifies me to speak for Red State America. It might be fairer to state that it qualifies me to speak ABOUT that subject.

I’m tired of being exiled from political categories for ideological impurity, so I guess my political beliefs are whatever the reader decides they are.

Posted by Adam @ 8:17 am on February 10th 2007

Who We Are, Part 2 (Adam)

I knew I shouldn’t have let Brad post first. I thought this was done.

I think of myself as a conservative. I’m from the UK, but I live in the US (geographical pond crossing), in the NorthEast. In some senses I’m more of a libertarian (except, to be clear, I’m not crazy); I have virtually no time for the social conservatives. I’m a physicist. I’m also a catholic. I don’t think that churches should take taxbreaks (even if offered) because it limits their ability to speak out about political changes that matter. I sometimes wonder whether the attempts to keep churches out of politics make things worse, but I cringe nearly all of the time I hear someone pontificating about matters of faith in public. Religious beliefs, like intestines, are better kept on the inside, as a rule. In this, I am quite British, I think.


Posted by Brad @ 12:15 am on February 10th 2007

Who We Are, Part 1 (Brad)

Now that we’ve actually started posting, we should get around to at least sketching a little bit of who we are. And since I’ll be writing a lot about the political landscape, I should get some of my own latent or explicit affiliations and history on the table just so nobody is left wondering about where I’m coming from.

Obligatory bio-post after the jump.