Posted by Jack @ 7:47 pm on September 25th 2014

Saluting Fundamentalists and Arab Pilot Programs

Having spent most of my adult life in uniform and the rest of it along side those still serving, I can say with some confidence that the vast majority of military personnel have, at some point, distractedly saluted with something in their hands. Usually its a pen or a tool, but I think I have seen a coffee cup or two mistakenly brought to the forehead. So POTUS demonstrating a bit of this same human distraction does not remotely justify the hacktastic and utterly manufactured freak out going on in the usual circles. A note to Sean Hannity and any of the other agit-prop operatives at Fox news: while you are expressing your deep felt concern for the President’s supposed disrespect for your heroes in uniform, perhaps you should take a second to heatedly condemn your douche nozzle coworkers on The Five for their far, far more derogatory and intentional disrespect to the legitimately ground breaking heroine from the United Arab Emirates flying combat missions against ISIL. While these frat boy asses can devalue Major Mariam Al Mansouri with their tired jokes about not being able to park her fighter jet and “boobs on the ground,” she is facing vastly greater danger and potential horror than they ever have or ever will.

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