Posted by Brad @ 10:35 pm on September 10th 2014

The Chain of Possession for Arms in Iraq

So, America, with great weapons (guns, artillery, tanks, explosive, etc) rolls into Iraq in 2003. Saddam’s army, with relatively crappy weapons drops their stuff and abandons their posts. The Kurds and other local militias pick those crappy weapons up and arm themselves. We set up a new Iraqi army, and give them our great weapons.

Later, ISIS rolls into Iraq with crappy weapons picked up in Syria (the progeny of which I won’t even get into). Iraq’s army, with their great weapons we just gave them, drops their stuff and abandons their posts. ISIS picks up those great weapons, and proceeds to roll into Kurd territory, who have those relatively crappy weapons from the last time the Iraqi weapon dropped their stuff. So, basically, the Kurds are fighting with Iraqi Army weapons 1.0, and being beaten back by ISIS with Iraqi Army weapons 2.0 – the weapons we pumped into the country for the explicit purpose of fighting the old Iraqi Army weapons 1.0.

Solution: America rolls back in, sets up a new Iraqi army and outfits the Kurds, and pumps into the country new great weapons, such that they will be outfitted with Iraqi Army weapons 3.0, designed to overpower Iraqi Army weapons 2.0, held by ISIS, which we had pumped into the country to defeat Iraqi Army weapons 1.0 — which I guess I should have mentioned we had pumped into the country in the 80s to overpower Iranian weapons 1.0.

I mean, at some point, should we just put our entire military in the middle of the desert and have them throw guns at each other and call it a day?

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