Posted by Brad @ 11:02 pm on August 14th 2014

Municipal Shock and Awe

So it turns out, if you’re the federal government and you tell municipal police departments circa the early 2000s (after 9-11) that you have hundreds of millions of dollars just sitting around for counter terrorism, they suddenly come up with lots of counter terrorism they have to do.

Turns out the more you let mission creep go, in that context, the more mission creep you get.

And, it also turns out, that if you give a bunch of dudes a shit-ton of military equipment, they turn into a pseudo-military.

And, finally, if you upturn the broader society’s value system from liberty to security, security starts trumping every time those two things come into conflict.

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  1. Well, clearly, we spoke too soon.

    I mean, an unarmed kid got shot multiple times while 35 feet away from a police car by a police officer whose identity was subsequently protected by a police department that subsequently ran amok for several nights dispersing political demonstrations with tear gas and rubber bullets and detaining random journalists without charge and confiscating and destroying journalistic equipment and which had to subsequently be removed from its duties by the governor at which point all of the conflicts which had been blamed on the locals mysteriously ceased…

    …BUT it turns out that the unarmed kid in question was suspected of robbing a convenience store at the time. So, our bad. Move along, folks, nothing to see here.

    Comment by Rojas — 8/15/2014 @ 4:34 pm

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