Posted by Adam @ 6:19 pm on June 23rd 2014

C+. Must do better.

Via the BBC: last week, the NYT featured an op-ed from Timothy Egan lambasting Walmart, which is not terribly unusual. What is unusual, though, is the Walmart response, in the form of a point-by-point correction plus bonus suggestions for improvements.

This is actually pretty clever, I think. Yet another anti-Walmart opinion piece — I’m not sure how many minds they’re changing, but for people who think Walmart is a problem there’s not really much choice other than to keeping trying to persuade people — gets used not just for direct rebuttal but as a vehicle for making counter-claims. I assume it’s all fair use, too, so far as copyright is concerned (but I could be completely wrong about that). As op-eds are about the most fatuous part of American newspapers (although the NYT efforts often pale in comparison to some of the op-eds which feature in the WSJ), it’d be nice to see more of this sort of directed response from the people being attacked from the bully pulpit.

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