Posted by Adam @ 11:03 pm on June 19th 2014

Engage brain! Too late

Brian Schweitzer, populist Democrat, two-term governor of heavily Republican Montana and potential wild card 2016 presidential candidate, thinks Eric Cantor is a 60-70% on his gaydar, although that’s probably just because he believes that Southern men are effeminate (but that’s OK! He’s totally fine with gay people). He also compared Senate bigwig Democrat Dianne Feinstein’s latterly negative, but formerly ambivalent, response to NSA information-gathering as being akin to that of a prostitute (or perhaps merely a slutty sexual adventurer? I’m not entirely clear) pretending to now be a nun.

I am not sure what he gains from insulting a senior House Republican who won’t even feature at the next election and one of the Senate big cheeses of his own party, but I guess I’m just not clever enough to work it out. Last week he was at a Romney gathering (Romney also the target of bizarre presidential run speculation, but he is probably now embarrassed to have shared a platform with Schweitzer). Other lesser minds also think it’s the end of his presidential aspirations, but we may all be missing his ingenious appeal to the middle. Or something.

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