Posted by Brad @ 2:30 pm on June 5th 2014

The Mass Grave in Ireland and the Catholic Fixation on Sex

Andrew Sullivan’s rolling coverage of the unearthed bodies of 800 neglected children buried in a septic tank in an Irish home for out-of-wedlock mothers and babies is hard to forget. The news itself is, of course, unspeakably horrible, but Sullivan, I think rightly, absolutely blasts about perhaps the dogmatic and cultural currents in 20th and 21st century Catholicism that directly led to this horror. Namely, the incredibly severe fixation on sex specifically within modern Catholicism – the absolute fetishazation of sexual sin above all others – which has led to some pretty dark stuff in the church’s recent history. Sullivan’s argument is not a gimme, of course, but I think he connects the dots very compellingly. Generally speaking, a view of sexuality based largely on shame and marginalization tends to lead to a lot of marshy psychological fields (and this is true of other religions as well; as Sullivan mentions, 1940s Ireland is not so different than 2010 Iran, in this respect).

Anyway, must reads.

Catholicismís Crimes Against Humanity 1
Catholicismís Crimes Against Humanity 2
Catholicismís Crimes Against Humanity 3

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