Posted by Brad @ 11:34 am on January 28th 2014

Pete Seeger is, has always been, and always will be my hero

I have spent my life being inspired by Pete Seeger, and hoping, skeptically, that I might one day be the man he thought we all could be.

This machine surrounds hate, and forces it to surrender.

“Be wary of great leaders. Hope that there are many, many small leaders.”

Posted by Rojas @ 10:24 pm on January 22nd 2014

The war on terror comes home…

…as Homeland Security resources are deployed to keep Google Glass field testers from using the technology to pirate movies.

To give the government any power for any reason is to give it license to use that power indiscriminately from that point forward. The only meaningful safeguard is not to give the government that power at all.

Posted by Rojas @ 10:22 pm on January 18th 2014

Reality Check

The most insane political post of recent weeks must surely be Jed Perl’s in The New Republic, in which he decries the Phillistines who would refuse to keep the Detroit Art Institute open:

Itís heartbreaking to live in a country where art is expendable. I couldnít shake that thought the other day, after spending a long afternoon at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), one of this countryís greatest museums. Detroit, as everybody knows, is bankrupt, and the treasures in the DIA are by some peopleís reckonings assets that can be sold to satisfy Detroitís creditors.

The heartless “creditors” to whom he refers are, of course, the many thousands of retired or near-retirement public employees, whose pensions cannot and will not otherwise be paid.

Here is a city which cannot afford to keep its street lights operational and which has an emergency services response time of nearly an hour in certain jurisdictions. And this guy feels that the crisis of the moment is that the works collected in the local art gallery may have to be sold to other institutions and viewed publicly by people in other jurisdictions.

I wonder if it will come to this at the national level: if, as we descend into a situation in which medicare reimbursement ceases, care is routinely denied to the indigent, and social security checks go unpaid, there will be a class of progressive whose greatest concern will be threats to the federal NEA subsidy.

Posted by Rojas @ 6:22 pm on January 1st 2014

Out of the closet

New year, new rules.

My name is Steve DuBois. I’ve chosen not to produce content under my own name at this blog or elsewhere up until this point. It doesn’t serve the interest of any high school teacher to have an identifiable political agenda.

That’s a secondary consideration at this point, though, because I find myself in the complicated position of 1. working towards the production of a novel, and 2. having to create a public platform for my writing in order to make it, and me, marketable to agents and publishers.

It’s still my intention to produce material for this site whenever my thoughts turn political. For discussion of matters literary, and the continuing chronicle of my attempt to get a truly bizzare young adult novel to market, this site’s readers are welcome to join me at, or to listen to my ill-considered Twitter yelpings at @twitlysium.