Posted by Brad @ 2:30 pm on December 26th 2013

6 Days of the 12 Days of the Music Video of the Week Preview!

So, we suck at blogging.

That said, I can’t let a holiday season pass without my 12 Days of the Music Video of the Week. Except, this year, I’d feel bad going the Full 12. A lot of the songs I posted this year you don’t need a recap of – really, you’re on your own for the “Get Lucky” replay. As with the last couple years, turns out my tastes were pretty mainstream in 2013.

Rather than do that, then, let’s settle a few things and move on:

Best Song of the Year:

Lorde Royals

Best Video (and Song of the Summer)L

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

Best Novelty Song / Viral Hit

Ylivs – The Fox

Except even I’m sick of that one.

And I could go on.

So…all that stuff above is true. So let’s take a different tact and this year, parse out all those and leave us with just the rest. It won’t be as strong a set, and it will be half as long, but at the very least it’ll be different than what you’d get just with a “2013 Music!” featured spotify list or whatever.

So this year, starting tomorrow, the 6 Days of the 12 Days of the Music Video of the Week.

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