Posted by Brad @ 5:41 pm on November 20th 2013

The Fiating of Laws, Redux

A little blog post encapsulates a lot of what we’ve been talking about, wherein politicians decide they are empowered to just make up what’s legal or not as they go, and nobody much cares to stop them.

This in regards to the filibuster change (which, btw, I am not quite sure is a breach but that’s besides the point):

Iím on record as saying that a mid-session change in the filibuster rule made by simple majority vote is a breach of the Senate rules. So be it. Extraordinary abuses demand extraordinary remedies. A asymmetric political process, where one side respects convention and the other systematically abuses whatever power it has, is not sustainable.

Solution: nobody respect convention and everybody make up their own rules and laws when they’re in a position to do so because those other guys are a-holes who are just standing in the way of things.

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