Posted by Brad @ 9:47 pm on March 19th 2013

A Reminder

The administration’s top budget official estimated today that the cost of a war with Iraq could be in the range of $50 billion to $60 billion, a figure that is well below earlier estimates from White House officials.

In a telephone interview today, the official, Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., director of the Office of Management and Budget… would not provide specific costs for either a long or a short military campaign against Saddam Hussein. But he said that the administration was budgeting for both, and that earlier estimates of $100 billion to $200 billion in Iraq war costs by Lawrence B. Lindsey, Mr. Bush’s former chief economic adviser, were too high.

Ooooh, I’m sorry. The correct answer was $6 trillion. Yeah, I’m sorry…$6 trillion.


  1. That $6 trillion is a possible future estimate, and includes possible future benefits owed to veterans. Those benefits should really only be included as a cost of the war if they would not be incurred in the absence of the war.

    That said, I think including projected benefits owed in war costs is a great idea. And the article does say that the actual, non-speculative cost so far is almost 2 trillion, which is impressive enough as it is.

    Comment by Talarohk — 3/20/2013 @ 12:06 am

  2. Maybe he had a margin of error of 5.2 trillion dollars.

    Comment by James — 3/31/2013 @ 1:31 pm

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