Posted by Brad @ 4:06 am on January 27th 2013

Music Video of the Week

Besides the fact that I just dig covers (largely because I like hook-y music, and most covered songs are that), here is what I particularly like about series’ which feature them:

It tends to be a great way of discovering music. Rather than just diving into an unknown band playing an unknown song, you can find an “in” with a band you might never have listened to otherwise, and that effect goes both ways (in that it can be a song you love covered by a relatively unknown (to you) band, or a band you love covering a relatively unknown (to you) song.

Of the covers I’ve posted in this random Australian Friday morning radio program MVOTW series, the last three are done by acts I’d never even heard of a week ago and after clicking down the rabbit hole, I’d recommend them all.

Busby Marou – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper cover*)

*(Robert Hazard cover)

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