Posted by Brad @ 1:34 pm on November 12th 2012

Great Moments in Republican Navel-Gazing Ledes

Maggie Gallagher, National Review, quoted verbatim:

How Not to Appeal to Latinos

I’ve been processing the immediate debate on this, including Hannity’s “I’ve evolved on a pathway to citizenship” and Rush Limbaugh’s continuing appreciation of Heather Mac Donald.

I appreciate Heather, too, but I want to make a new case: Latinos are not opposed to sensible immigration policy. They are opposed to rhetoric that suggests that conservatives do not care about them.

I particularly it’s particularly wrong to suggest that the way forward is for business and economic conservatives to take the lead. It will tear up the base.

This is the moment for Southern Baptists.

By the way, she actually makes a perfectly reasonable argument (although really I think making a social conservative case for immigration reform does more as an “in” for softening up the Republican base on the issue than it does for Latinos softening up to the Republican base).

But man did I do a spit take on that lede.

Maggie Gallagher is very much a hammer seeing nail, nail, nail, nail.

Oh evangelical social conservative Southerners. Is there any problem you can’t solve?

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  1. However, that’s counterbalanced by a really fascinating bit of navel gazing from Ramesh Ponnuru, re-posted in full.

    Condescending Twaddle about Hispanics
    By Ramesh Ponnuru

    In the great intra-conservative debate over Hispanics and immigration, both sides make, I think, some decent points. This post isn’t meant to take sides in that debate, just to urge that one talking point in it be retired. Namely: “Hispanics are natural conservatives because they’re hard working, family-oriented, and religious.” This line manages to be condescending to Hispanics, self-congratulatory for conservatives, and insulting to non-conservatives. I suspect most people throughout human history have been hard-working, family-oriented, and religious, without sharing conservative views about limited constitutional government. (Frankly, I’m not sure what people even mean when they praise Hispanics for being “family oriented.”)

    Comment by Brad — 11/13/2012 @ 6:51 pm

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