Posted by Brad @ 12:46 am on September 21st 2012

The End of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Rather than add to comments to this post, it’s probably important enough to merit it’s own space.

This last thirty days, America suspending training Afghani security forces – because when we hand them guns, they often shoot us with them right then and there – and more recently we just suspended most joint US-Afghani missions.

Folks, this basically means the War in Afghanistan is over. And that, at least according to our current goals (they have changed a lot), we have lost.

This is important for a whole host of reasons. But I want to make one small point. It almost seems petty, but it needs saying.

During Barack Obama’s tenure, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were ended.

In Iraq, that is because Obama demanded a permanent residual force that would have left troops in indefinitely – and the Iraqis told him to go f*ck himself.

In Afghanistan, we decided we needed to stay just a little while longer yet while we prepared Afghanis to repel foreign and domestic enemies – at which point they decided we were one of them.

This is not, per se, a knock on Obama’s handling of anything. I don’t know that circumstances would have been different under any other President.

But let it be said, loud and clear, that President Obama did not end dick.

He kept trying to reset the clock in both cases, to push American occupation just a little longer, and, ultimately, it was the domestic population that kicked us out, in both cases, and in both cases, against the express plan and wishes of the American government.

I know I’m jumping the gun on how Afghanistan plays out, in this regard. But let’s just say I’d rather try to preempt the coalescence of a narrative that has already formed.

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