Posted by Brad @ 4:47 pm on September 7th 2012

Asking Democrats if Romney is Ready to Handle the Kill List

Here is how serious the Democrats are about addressing the fundamental civil liberties question of the last four years. Watch their reactions to even being asked the question. Again, this isn’t a fringe, marginal, unfair or conspiratorial question. Nor is it a hostile ambush video like we often see. A guy goes up to important Democrats and asks them a very straight forward: do you trust Mitt Romney with the power to decide which American citizens to assassinate? The way they deal with even being asked – a little like how Obama deals with being asked about marijuana legalization – is fascinating and telling.

This is how partisanship kills ideology and even core values, and all those people lining up following Bush’s presidency to ask the completely fair question “where were you on size-of-government questions when Bush was President” had better be prepared to ask the same thing next time a Republican is in the White House utilizing the tools President Obama has both continued, established, and normalized.

And, btw, Obama wasn’t asked this question (he should be), but here’s his answer as to whether Americans should trust HIM with that power. The short answer is “yes; details classified”. The long answer is “yes; details classified”. And both answers boil down to “hey, relax guy, we’re totally taking care of this and you should trust us because I can attest that we’re doing a very good job.”


  1. This is exactly right. It pisses me off to no end the way so many progressives/liberals/democrats give Obama a complete pass on issues that were supposedly important four years ago. That the majority of the high profile dems in this video treat the question as if it is unfair and ambush-like journalism is telling. Some of the smartest most well informed liberals I know manage to avoid having any knowledge on so many of Obama’s anti-civil liberties actions and policies.

    As to the people in this video: Well done Bill Press, and fuck Gloria Allred for being not only an ambulance chasing media whore, but also being a complete partisan hack. And those actual elected politican whores as well, too many to name.

    Comment by Jack — 9/8/2012 @ 9:34 pm

  2. The ACLU. They are the true constituency of civil liberties. It may be politically convenient for others to cloak themselves and temporarily take up the mantle of civil liberties. But it is the ACLU who do not pause in their defense of civil liberties. They don’t waiver or give up the good fight just because there’s a D after the president’s name. Seriously, toss a few bucks their way.

    I’m not a fan of every issue they take up the mantle of or every cause they support. However, they support and fight for the causes nobody else does, the ones that really matter. That earns them a pass for their other advocacy.

    Comment by Cameron — 9/10/2012 @ 11:03 pm

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