Posted by Brad @ 6:44 pm on August 20th 2012

Obama and Gitmo

We still hear how Gitmo still being open isn’t really Obama’s fault – it’s Republicans, those jerks, so vote Obama!

But read this, which isn’t even particularly in depth and certainly not going to generate controversy, and explain to me how any of this doesn’t rest squarely on the executive branch and as such is a conscious, active decision squarely on the President.

Of course, in some cases – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, for instance, or the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden – wherein the President simply told those that report directly to him to change the way they do things, we have lauded Obama for his bravery and changiness.

This kind of stuff we just wave off as really nobody’s fault. Which is, of course, bull.

That story is true because President Obama wishes it to be true. Simple as that.

Any Obama supporter who used to care about such things but is now wishes to parse and compartmentalize is doing nothing more than letting themselves be herded into a partisan tribe and, when the rubber hits the road, believes in nothing more than rooting for the home team based mostly on social and cultural totems.

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