Posted by Brad @ 3:21 pm on June 19th 2012

Things You Won’t Hear About Immigration Part II

I love this myth-busting stuff, because for whatever reason I feel like we have such solid caricatures in the American brain about things – incredibly specific images that are called to mind immediately when you say a word like “terrorist” (Arab dude with turban on his head and AK-47 slung across his back, or young muslim sweating in his airplane seat with a bomb in his underwear) or “immigration” (young Mexican man crossing the Rio Grande at night to steal American jobs at Home Depot) – that bears so little resemblance to the actual galaxy of meanings the word entails or the actual realities that exist within that galaxy. These images actually get in the way of understanding that, for instance, that most people we label terrorists for detention or execution purposes would be found innocent in a court of law (in most cases, rightly) for any specific crime against the United States. Or that most Mexican immigrants are either kids or people who have lived and worked legally and assimilated in America for 20+ years.

To wit: Quick, what is America’s fastest-growing racial minority?

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