Posted by Jerrod @ 3:37 am on June 15th 2012

Abu Muq on sovereignty

Abu Muqawama had a good post on soveriegnty issues and the “death” of Westphalia.

A more difficult problem for sovereignty is the threat posed by transnational groups with absolute aims. Their aims in and themselves may not be strategic threats to the United States, but they certainly pose tactical threats in the form of mass-casualty attacks. The United States usually acts in cooperation with partner states in launching airstrikes and ground raids, but has acted unilaterally when circumstances demand decisive and preemptive operations. When not launching kinetic strikes, the United States has also taken on sovereign responsibilities rightfully performed by host governments in an effort to build host nation capacity. While kinetic strikes pose some risk of blowback, capacity-building arguably poses a moral hazard by enmeshing the United States in the domestic politics of local actors who see Uncle Sam as a walking ATM. When the US tries to make unruly local clients reform, it only deepens American involvement in their domestic politics and further threatens their sovereignty.

I unfortunately do not have a lot of time to follow these kinds of discussions so maybe this is getting more attention than I’m aware, but I think this is a fascinating issue in international relations.

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