Posted by Brad @ 12:59 pm on May 9th 2012

What is the Paul Campaign Up To?

I think this discussion gets it sort of right, in that I think Paul’s only end-game here is to set up his son to run for President in the next cycle or the cycle after. His entire campaign, from the beginning, I have argued is organized around that and really only that.

I think the discussion is wrong in that it gives a little too much credit to the Paul campaign for having some kind of master strategy here. My hunch is that Paul and his inner circle aren’t really, themselves, quite sure what their end game is here. It’s always been a matter of faith that delegates matter – what they actually intend to do with them at convention time is, I strongly suspect, something that has always been a bit fuzzy. I suspect it’ll play out a bit like Paul’s endorsement last cycle did – something that winds up petering into a stumbled, sort-of-confused-and-half-baked unsatisfying ending to all parties.

And while I still really doubt Rand gets a VP slot or that’s even on the table come convention time, I don’t think a speaking slot for either Paul is at all unlikely.

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