Posted by Brad @ 11:34 am on April 24th 2012

Meanwhile, in John Edwards, yes John Edwards, News…

The trial of John Edwards began this week, in the case of money from his political donors being funneled to decidedly non-election ends, such as a house for the mistress he had a love baby with, for instance.

But in the opening, the trial took an unexpected and soap-opera-esque turn, with the lawyers telegraphing that, rather than deny, they will instead blame it all on the original fall guy, Andrew Young, and argue that he stole that campaign money not for for Reille Hunter, but for a house that he and his wife were building. Andrew Young, let’s remember, is the guy that Edwards talked into claiming paternity of the love child he had with Reille Hunter, essentially forcing him to to say to the world that he cheated on his wife, screwed this chick, and he the baby dady. Young did eventually write a tell-all book, which must have struck Edwards as disloyal, but I feel you kind of have to let him have that one.

In any event, even if it’s true, I think if you ask a friend to publicly claim paternity of your own illegitimate child to protect you from scandal, dude gets a free pass for life, don’t you? It’s right up there with helping you bury a body. Strictly from the Guy Codebook, he gets immunity for life from any dirt you might have on him, doesn’t he, even if he starts ripping into you? Right?

So somehow, John Edwards keeps finding ways to increase his scumbag quotient in my book.

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  1. “Not looking like a scumbag” is not really an option for Mr. Edwards, nor has it been for some time. At this point he’s cutting his losses and taking the strategic tack that will best prevent his incarceration.

    The next time you hear the argument that we can’t disempower the major parties for fear of wack jobs, remember how close this man came to being the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

    Comment by Rojas — 4/24/2012 @ 12:04 pm

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