Posted by Brad @ 1:26 pm on April 16th 2012

Music Video of the Week

Michael Penn – Long Way Down (Look What the Cat Dragged In)

This song is maybe in my all-time Top Ten. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous song, great writing, slide guitar solo, karaokeable—it’s got it all. In a righteous world Penn would be up there with Costello and Waits in terms of fame, cred, and output—he certainly had the talent.

And I had never seen a video of it until it popped up in Cracked, of all places. So thanks Cracked, for the MVOTW excuse.

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  1. “This song is maybe in my all-time Top Ten.” I doubt I can sufficiently express my skepticism about this statement. I strongly suspect that your Top Ten list contains roughly 900 songs.

    Comment by Jack — 4/16/2012 @ 6:09 pm

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