Posted by Brad @ 4:27 pm on April 9th 2012

The Derbyshire Affair

We suck at posting, but I wanted to chime on this very briefly to say two things:

1. I’ve always generally enjoyed Derbyshire’s writing, although he often tries to get too cute by half, which is at least part of the problem with his offending column. The other part of the problem: it was really, really racist. Which is usually the other half with Derbyshire.

2. I’ve actually gained a bit of esteem for National Review, and a fair bit of hope for mainstream conservatism on racial issues, due to their handling of things. Even the comments have been on balance heartening. Oh sure, there’s the usual loatheable and idiotic whiny stuff (John Derbyshire shouldn’t be crucified because…Spike Lee tweet!)(if you can get past the bit where Steyn drops in Islamaphobia, you beat me), but it’s not necessarily a majority lock-step view. Progress!

Anyway, it is too bad that Derbyshire’s generally worthwhile take on many other areas of politics is just too hard, ultimately, to compartmentalize from his very and long-time-evident abject racism and tribalism. But, of course, many people might say that’s true of conservatism generally, and when things like this come up, it’s kind of hard to argue with them.

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