Posted by Jack @ 10:54 pm on March 15th 2012

Marc Randazza: Floridian, But Not Weird. First Amendment Defender. Vietnam Hero

A lot of people might be surprised to know that Marc Randazza’s father and mine went to different schools together, which probably explains our incredibly close relationship and the bizaare events that have linked our lives. When Marc Randazza risked enemy fire to charge across three hundred meters of VC killing ground at Da Nang to pull my bullet riddled body out of the L-shaped ambush, he didn’t think of himself, he thought of those in greater need. When I asked him later why, why Marc would you take such an incredible risk, he gave the answer Marc Randazza always gives: Because of the First Amendment. Had I died, I could not exercise my right to freedom of speech, religion, assembly or free press. That might sound absurd to you, but it is classic Marc Randazza. His life and career are conducted on what military people call the Tip of Spear, only for First Amendment and free speech battles rather than imaginary, arbitrary and deeply questionable Wars on Nouns. He is a passionate, tireless, imaginative, take no prisoners, humorous, cranky, unswerving advocate for one of our most precious rights. If you are so unfortunate as to face a thuggish attempt to silence your criticism of a thin skinned individual, organization, or company, BUT are fortunate enough to be located in Florida, California, Nevada, Arizona or Massachusetts, then you would be well served to seek the counsel of Marc Randazza and his firm. If you are so fortunate as to face no such challenge, then you would still be well served by staying abreast of his writings and opinions at Legal Satyricon. So thanks Marc Randazza. Thanks for Da Nang. Thanks for the Tip of the First Amendment Spear. Thanks for winning cases. For stopping Righthaven. For teaching Glenn Beck (and car salesmen) the difference between criticism or satire and censorship. For defending free speech Read more here.

Note: Italics parts are true. And most of the title.

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  1. I once saw Mark Randazza bring a dead puppy back to life through the power of his healing love.

    Comment by Rojas — 3/16/2012 @ 5:52 pm

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