Posted by Brad @ 10:54 am on January 16th 2012

Huntsman Out

That’s the report from this weekend, that he’s dropping out and endorsing Mitt Romney.

Kind of a curious move, timing-wise, as it was, for the first time, starting to look like he was getting a serious look (and just got a key SC endorsement) and might in fact be the last non-Ron Paul non-Romney standing. But my guess is that his team looked at it, and decided that this was the highest note they were likely to have the opportunity to go out on, leaving the race at least not looking like a loser and maybe getting some party brownie points for being the first to consolidate behind the nominee, besides.

All of which strongly suspects Huntsman is angling for something, be it a job in the Romney administration, or, short of that, being positioned for 2016.

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