Posted by Brad @ 11:21 am on November 30th 2011

Great Moments in Local Governance

Tomorrow, San Fransisco’s new statute designed to ban happy meals goes into effect. The law specifically bans restaurants from including toys with meals of more than 600 calories that lack agreed-upon amounts of fruits and vegetables. The idea, obviously, is to de-incentive the eating of Happy Meals for the sake of the toys.

Now, you can already buy a Happy Meal toy from a McDonald’s without purchasing the meal – costs about $2.15. And, actually, a lot of toys do get sold that way. And with the San Fransisco law, in essence, that’s the only way you can do it, buying both the meal and the toy separate (for $4.00 or whatever and $2.15).

So McDonald’s in San Fransisco have announced that they are now selling the toy for only ten cents. But only if you have also purchaseed a Happy Meal. And they will no longer sell their toys without the purchase of a toy-less Happy Meal.

So, if you want a Happy Meal toy in San Fransisco – but nowhere else – you have buy the food.

Result: The incentivization of eating Happy Meals for the sake of the toys.

For the record, when legislative nannying and private sector profit-seeking engage in a battle of wits, it is always – always – profit-seeking that is smarter.

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