Posted by Brad @ 12:05 pm on November 28th 2011

The Whiteness of Occupy Wall Street

In my continued bemused and bitter catalog of how the media treats Occupy Wall Street versus how they have treated the Tea Party, it’s worth passing on—after reams and reams of coverage about how white the Tea Party is—the single news story on the subject as it pertains to OWS. Namely, a sleepy report that points out that blacks make up only 1.6% of OWS (by comparison, it’s something like 6% for the Tea Party, although it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison in terms of how they determine it)(apropos of nothing, but it’s also interesting that OWS protesters are far more likely to be employed and have a college education than Tea Party protesters).

This post is pretty over the top, but I agree with the money quote:

Black failure to attend right wing demonstrations appears to be a mysterious matter demanding detailed investigation, but there is nothing to discuss when they shun left wing ones. Moreover, a relative absence of Black faces in right wing crowds clearly demonstrates the racism of both the protesters and their ideas, while an absence of Black faces in left wing crowds means absolutely nothing.

And, I think, rightly so – but as the author points out, that’s a benefit of the doubt not afforded conservative economic backlashes, where the overwhelming tendency is to play “find the racist/Christianist angle!”, even if in so doing you’re missing the forest for the trees.

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