Posted by Rojas @ 7:27 pm on November 28th 2011

How to be a Free Speech Hero

1. Be a high school student in a wealthy Kansas City suburb. Attend a school-sponsored event at which you meet the Governor of Kansas. Smile and nod at his meaningless remarks on Why Government Involvement Is Good.

2. Subsequently impress your friends with a tweet on how you told off said Governor to his face for his unwise policies.

3. Wait for the foolish staff of said Governor to report your tweet to the administrators of the program, who pass the tweet on to your school administration, who demand you write a letter of apology.

4. Complain long and loud in every media forum available about the attempts of the Governor to censor public criticism and ruin your future.

5. Accept gubernatorial apology and the thanks of a grateful nation.

You know, I’ve got all kinds of respect for people who “speak truth to power”. But I do rather insist that the people I praise for sticking it to the man actually, you know, CONFRONT those in authority, as opposed to making snarky remarks behind their backs and then playing the martyr when called out.

None of which absolves the Brownback staffer in question for being a dumbass, of course; it takes a special kind of idiocy to pick a public fight with a teenage girl and then LOSE it.

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  1. Pretty much my thoughts on this as well. I nodded in agreement upon reading about how the Brownback staff was about to get introduced to the Streisand Effect, but was pretty surprised to see another blogger refer to this kid as some kind of hero. She’s no Bong Hits For Jesus, heh.

    Comment by Jack — 11/29/2011 @ 10:29 am

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