Posted by Brad @ 3:08 pm on November 17th 2011

Headline of the Day

Mike Riggs:

Occupy Wall Street Response Suddenly Causes Middle Class White People to See Law Enforcement In New Light

Police militarization and the unchecked power of the state is not at the root of OWS. But the debate has shifted somewhat from what OWS should be able to take away from Wall Street, to what the State should not be able to take away from OWS. This is good. Negative rights are good, and they are crumbling.

Which is why I’d encourage all of you in OWS (sorry, been doing a lot of that lately) to think about the politicians you elect, and all the ways you’ve helped increase the size and scope of the state because you couldn’t imagine it shoving a boot up your white, well-behaved ass.

Not a new thought – I’ve been having it a lot in relation to OWS – but well put just the same. And one of the things that excites me most about OWS.

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