Posted by Brad @ 2:00 pm on November 15th 2011

Tom Coburn Co-opts Occupy Wall Street

I’ve been on record as saying Republicans need to get more of a bee in their bonnet about crony capitalism, rather than using it as a mere aside caveat before launching into full throated defenses of all things capitalist(ic) or corporate. The truth is, in defending the status quo of health care in America, for instance, you are not, in fact, defending a free market. Same for the financial sector. I understand the impulse – you don’t want to gin up feelings that almost invariably lead to an impulse to over-regulate (which winds up making the problem worse not better) – but at the same time it would be nice for Republicans to recognize that, yes, income inequality is an issue, and yes, there is a role government can play in that. Namely, by making it stop play favorites and leverage power for money to the powerful, which is what government does best. This is, after all, a purely free market position, and it’s even didactic in a way, getting liberals on board and making them realize that the enemy is us.

Anyway, Tom Coburn releases a report on “Welfare for the Wealthy”, and it’s good. More please.

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