Posted by Brad @ 10:57 am on November 15th 2011

Music Video of the Week, featuring

I’m not a fan of this song. It’s alright, but in general, while my musical tastes run the entire gambit of style and genre, one niche I just can’t get into is the contemporary R&B slow jam. Anything of the sort from, say, 1979, with very very few exceptions, just don’t do anything for me. I find myself totally bored by them. This one’s okay, but still, not really my bag.

However, this song gets regular YouTube play from me for one singular reason – it’s got perhaps the sickest, most ferocious guest rap of any joint, ever. Nicki Minaj just tears this shit up. I listen to this song about once a week, and always skip to 2:30, and then replay it several times.

Trey Songz – Bottoms Up, featuring Nicki Minaj (2:30)

Of course, the gold standard for guest verses is Busta Rhymes on Scenario. Which, like Minaj on that track, is akin to a new artist bursting through the paper banner they use in the beginning of college football games. Boy I remember this Arsenio performance from when it first aired, and thinking, along with 9 million black kids across America, “who is this guy?!”.

Tribe Called Quest – Scenario featuring Leaders of the New School (3:00)

But my personal favorite of all time might be Luda on Gossip Folks. Which is a great song throughout – one of my favorites – but the guest verse, that match of tempo to beat, is one of the best musical phrasings I can call to mind. And seriously, pumps me up like crazy every time I throw it on.

Missy Elliot – Gossip Folks, featuring Ludacris (2:30)

That also happens to be one of my favorite videos. Those three little girls kick so much ass.

Any other great guest raps you can think of?

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