Posted by Brad @ 12:12 pm on November 10th 2011

A Brief Note on Reax to Last Night’s Republican Debate…

No, not the Perry thing – which I seem to be the only person on earth who saw it and didn’t think it was a big deal (I didn’t watch it live).

But reading around today, I find myself interested in the brief mentions of Ron Paul. At the Corner alone, reaction to him was unanimous, and in every single case was an aside, but one in which the commentators find themselves surprise.

ĖRon Paul sounds so good sometimes. He was excellent on subsidies for higher education. Seriously. He also betrayed a hint of Burkean gradualism that I didnít know he had in him. Audit the Fed then end it? Phase out higher-ed subsidies with tax credits? Slowly devolve Medicaid to the state? His more rabid fans will probably be disappointed.

Ron Paul – When he talks about cutting $1 trillion, he gets my heart going! And heís surely right about inflation, FWIW.

I find myself increasingly charmed by old Ron Paul.

Ron Paul, standing next to Perry, helpfully suggested that Perry might really want to shut down five. But Paul wasnít given an opportunity to say which five they should be. As profoundly as I disagree with Paulís unrealistic approach to foreign policy, in this debate, which did not touch on foreign policy, his forceful defense of free markets and limited government were compelling.

I think this might have been Ron Paulís best debate. No foreign policy. And now Iíd really like to hear him lecture some Occupy Wall Street kids about responsibility.

Those quotes included K-Low, Rich Lowry, et al. People whom, last cycle, were demanding he be ridden out of the party on a rail.

What’s ironic about it is, of course, that Paul is saying absolutely nothing new – he never says anything new. But against the backdrop of Perry, Cain, Bachmann, Santorum, and Gingrich? He’s become the intellectual elder statesmen for even mainstream Republican intelligensia.

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  1. Well I didn’t think the Perry lapse was particularly horrific. I think it once again demonstrated that he is a bit out of his league and not particularly quick, in that he could not find a way to cover, even awkwardly. Not even “Education, Commerce, and uh, and uh, the third will be based on the outcome of some critical pending legistlation” or “er um er, there are several candidates I am looking at for number three. Wouldnt you agree that we have a lot of departments that should be looked at pretty hard? I know we would in Texas. Treat them pretty rough I mean.” Just seems not too bright and underperforming even by the modern conservative base’s standard of “keep spewing red meat no matter how nonsensical.”

    Comment by Jack — 11/10/2011 @ 2:41 pm

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