Posted by Brad @ 1:58 pm on September 20th 2011

In Which Rojas Was Right

In a previous post (I now can’t find), I amused myself and others by making a full-fledged prediction on how the entire 2012 presidential election would turn out. The gist, as I recall, still bears out maybe, but one factor I don’t think holds water any more – that in which Michelle Bachmann is a serious factor in the Republican primary. She’s gone from being one of the frontrunners and an obvious winner of the Iowa caucuses, to polling at 5% nationally, and maybe barely able to survive the calendar year.

I cast Bachmann more as an Edwards in 2008 figure, rather than a Trump in 2011 one, which appears closer to Bachmann’s apparently entirely fictional electoral strength. Rojas was right. Her illussionary clout appears to be entirely a function of conservatives spinning a globe and landing on the only non-Romney they’d heard of before, and her brief viability seems in retrospect to be entirely a polite fiction spun when it was convenient for the media, and one which collapsed the second they moved on. Seems like we’re getting more and more of those kinds of candidates in the last few cycles.

Anyway, Rojas was right. On this one.

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