Posted by Brad @ 10:35 am on September 14th 2011

A News Story You Will be Seeing Everywhere This Year


My hunch is it will be for “green jobs” what East Anglia was for “climate change research”- which is not to say a huge torpedo, but a meme-making ready-made talking point / shorthand that is going to stick to it, probably unfairly out of proportion to its actual import, but still.

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  1. One key difference.

    The East Anglia thing is a contrarian blip amidst an ocean of data, all of which points in the direction of a specific conclusion. East Anglia doesn’t have a lot of purchase as an argument against anthropogenic warming because there’s just too much data pointing in that direction.

    Solyndra is a different story. The claim that federal incentives can create a meaningful number of “green jobs” is of a wildly different sort than the claim that human CO2 emissions trigger increases in global temperatures. And if you were to categorize the evidence of the green jobs claim, well…let’s just say that “mixed” would be a charitable description. Certainly no reputable scientist would accept the current data as proof of Obama’s conclusion.

    The questions raised by Solyndra’s failure are very legitimate and in many ways characteristic of the problems endemic to trying to create green jobs. It’s not atypical and it’s not an outlier.

    Comment by Rojas — 9/14/2011 @ 11:19 am

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