Posted by Jack @ 7:51 pm on August 26th 2011

Huntsman Liberal or Moderate Only In Most Categories. Therefore: Deeply Conservative!

TPM purports to demonstrate that presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is “moderate” only by relative comparison to the far right GOP field and the general Tea Party-ish national conservative sentiment. They support this hypothesis with four big picture points ostensibly revealing his deep ideological conservativeness:
Conservative on climate change: He acknowledges anthropogenic global warming but intends to “do nothing” about it as evidenced by his lack of support for cap and trade, which even McCain supported back in 2008.
Conservative on economics: While admitting that he supported raising the debt ceiling, TPM points out that he supported Speaker Boehner’s Balanced Budget Amendment, rejected the 10 to 1 spending vs revenue hypothetical presented during the last debate, and is a “big fan” of the Paul Ryan plan.
Conservative on gay rights: Publically supports civil unions, but since he is “to the right” of the majority of American’s on gay marriage, apparently this is not really a moderate position.
Moderate on the wars? TPM spots him this one, giving him reasonably, albeit reluctant credit, for what is in essence the liberal position on withdrawal from Afghanistan.
So to recap: Far from being a moderate, Huntsman is actually a deeply conservative candidate because he is to the left of Obama in only 1 of 4 of the designated criteria (wars), maintains the exact position of Obama in another (gay marriage), vocally endorses AWG but is unwilling to endorse the preferred liberal policy solutions, and has rejected the Grover Norquist no new tax pledge. Crack reporting.

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