Posted by Adam @ 9:28 am on August 23rd 2011

Gillard in trouble?

Julia Gillard is Prime Minister of Australia with a paper-thin majority that’s actually a technical minority in the Australian Lower House but which is supported by some Independents. However, she can’t afford to lose a single vote from her caucus because the election last year was so close.

It sounds like an impossible task based on UK and US political party discipline, but as I understand it crossing the floor on votes is very rare in Australia and in the case of the Labour Labor* Party actually means expulsion from the party. However, there’s more than one way to lose an MP, and allegations against an MP of using a Union credit card to pay hookers isn’t very good; Prime Ministers having been ejected from NY strip clubs and not remembering what happened because they were too drunk a few years before becoming PM is one thing, but this is another level of naightiness. The allegations aren’t new, but seem to have blown up again in June when an opposition member of the Senate brought them back up under Parliamentary Privilege and now Gillard has to defend Thomson to stay in power.

I wonder if there’s ever been a government that could pick half-plus-one of the nation’s representatives and be sure that there’s no scandal underlying some of them.

*Actually spelt the American way despite Australia in general using British English spellings — by which I mean proper English spellings — including for the word “labour”.

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