Posted by Brad @ 10:06 am on August 18th 2011

Worth Noting II

We had a nice debate in this thread, in which I noted that Rick Perry essentially punted when confronted with the issue of same sex marriage, and I argued that that was a huge sign of progress when even an ambitious right-leaning Republican with a huge vested interest in appealing to social conservatives feels the need to hedge on what was, only 8 years ago, a cut-and-dried issue for virtually any Republican.

Here’s another data point: Christine O’Donnell, promoting her book, walks off an interview with Piers Morgan rather than answer questions relating to her views on same sex marriage or DADT:

Ta-Nehisi Coates shares my enthusiasm, in a post simply titled “This Culture War is Over. We Win.

It fits in with a pattern among Republicans — even Michelle Bachmann — to try and downplay their bigoted views toward gays. This is a tacit acknowledgement that the electorate is changing. It was only eight years ago that the Republican Party was effectively running on anti-gay bigotry. Now — at least on the national stage — people are trying to avoid it.

Progress should not be conflated with “Utopia.” On the contrary, expect an uptick in accusations of heterophobia, pro-gay tyranny, and bigotry against straight people. Progress means complication. It’s a comparatively good problem to have.

That’s essentially my read as well.

When even the right-wing social conservative nutjobs are uncomfortable being solidly pegged as in opposition to same sex marriage, I think it’s fair to say the ground beneath the debate has fundamentally, and irrevocably, shifted.

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