Posted by Brad @ 3:54 pm on August 15th 2011

The Derb on Ron Paul and Iranian Nukes

John Derbyshire asks a great question of his fellow Cornerites. Namely, according to him Paul was roundly decried for his debate answer on Thursday that amounted to “If Iran wants nukes, what do you want me to do about it?”

Derb’s question:

It seems clear to me that given Iran’s resources (and Chinese and Russian duplicity), any system of sanctions would leak like a sieve — as, in fact, pretty much all systems of sanctions against unpopular nations always have. The only way to prevent Iran from going nuclear if she wants to is therefore by military action. In fact, since one-off strikes would have uncertain effect, the only true way would be full-scale military invasion and long-term occupation.

Which Republican candidate advocates such a course of action?

If the answer is “None” (which of course it is), then what, in effect, is the difference between Dr. Paul’s Iran policy and that of Romney, Bachmann, Perry, and the rest?

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