Posted by Adam @ 10:33 am on August 15th 2011

Indian Test cricket status update — Wheels: off. Also: Australia, you suck

And yea verily it came to pass that India were humiliated and England became the number-1 ranked team. England’s best batsman of the game scored 294 runs in his single innings, whereas India’s eleven players didn’t surpass that in aggregate in either innings (and a bonus: as I mentioned elsewhere, star opening batsman Virender Sehwag flew, injured, across the world to help out the team and got two golden ducks — which is to say, each of his appearances ended with his first ball — and spent two days fielding as England amassed a huge total).

We can see the relative ranking points of the top five Test cricketing nations:

Australia, you suck

The main point of this graphic, of course, is not to chart England’s rise — there’s clearly a long way to go and with some tough series ahead, the top position may change hands; meanwhile, England need to win an series in India and to beat South Africa, before they can really feel like a great team — but rather to laugh uproariously at Australia’s fall. Australia are actually doing pretty well in Sri Lanka in the One Day Internationals (a ridiculous and unimportant form of the game designed for people with short attention spans and a love for garishly-coloured clothing) but their fall in Tests has been pretty steep and all right-thinking individuals can agree that that’s a Jolly Good Thing. Well worthy of a snicker and possibly a chortle.

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