Posted by Brad @ 10:05 am on June 27th 2011

Kip’s Law Sighting

Speaking of that Kevin Williamson article linked in my last post, here is a “well duh” moment. I wish social conservatives – who wish to levy the power of the state to try and create moral conformity – had this inherent contradiction pointed out to them more often. Anyway, in advocating the libertarian position of getting the government out of marriage entirely, Williamson writes:

“Advocating private marriage reflects in part a tactical concern: To the extent that we have marital arrangements that are politically defined, we almost certainly will have marital arrangements defined by the Left.”

Well, duh. You levy the power of the state to try and create moral conformity, you have to remember that said state is not, in fact, exclusively controlled by social conservative Republicans. So roughly half the time said morals will not be defined by Maggie Gallagher but by Maxine Waters.

This is also a sighting of my variation on Kip’s Law, roughly translated to be the “Everything would work just fine if it weren’t for all the fucking Republicans!” line of argument that often gets trotted out in defense of expanding the state. Republicans, by being in the political process, have ruined, say, health care decision making. So, to solve the problems they have created, we need to add layers of government authority and increase the amount of health care decision making the government is allowed to do. Not addressed: the future existence of those same Republicans who ruined things in the first place by being a part of that government health care decision making.

You could also call this the “Sarah Palin / Nancy Pelosi” rule. The idea that the government authority you just granted the state will somehow only be utilized by Sarah Palin or Nancy Pelosi, but will somehow not be available once a Sarah Palin or Nancy Pelosi comes along. Maggie Gallagher and Kathryn Jean Lopez want muscular government authority over marriage. Presumably, it simply has not occurred to them that, sometimes – often even! – that same government will be run by filthy heathen liberal socialists.

In short: partisans are dumb.

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