Posted by Brad @ 10:21 am on May 12th 2011

Today, in “Apparently Not an SNL Spoof” News…

Mike Huckabee has started up a cartoon company, Learn Our History, which produces a mail-order series of history lessons for kids, intended to counteract the “Blame America First” strategy we currently employ in the teaching of history, apparently. In Huck’s cartoon, a group of time-traveling teens go back into key moments in history (mostly the 1980s), and learn about what makes our nation great (answer: Greatness), while doing things like preventing Reagan from getting shot?

It’s exactly as trippy as it sounds. Although sadly, it does not contain any ambiguously gay superheroes.

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  1. No.

    Comment by Cameron — 5/12/2011 @ 9:26 pm

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