Posted by Brad @ 11:55 am on April 25th 2011

Abandoned at the Altar

King & Spalding, the firm retained to defend DOMA in lieu of the justice department, has dropped the case, ostensibly because they got quite a lot of blowback from it and decided, at the end of the day, it was bad for business.

This is, apparently, an outrageous act of intimidation on behalf of gay marriage advocates. It’s ironic for conservatives to be crying foul on outrage-fueled boycott attempts, of the sort they seem to attempt quite often anytime, for instance, a major company or institution tries to redefine domestic partner benefits or in any way help “normalize” gayness (and that’s just on gay marriage issues – I won’t even go into campaigns to intimidate and pressure, say, the lawyers and firms tasked with defending terror suspects). Of course, this whole thing is ironic all the way through, as conservatives have suddenly adopted a profound reverence for the judicial process that was notably absent in every other same-sex marriage fight.

Paul Clement, a major partner and former solicitor general, just resigned from the firm due to the decision.

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