Posted by Brad @ 11:43 am on April 22nd 2011

Poll Result of the Day

Somebody asks, in poll form, the correct question: not if we should cut X, Y, or Z, but rather which to cut of X, Y, or Z.

So, in addition to finding that Americans want a smaller government providing fewer services by a margin of 55-33 and they would rather reduce spending than raise taxes by a margin of 58-29, what’s the answer as to where to cut?

44. As you may know, the largest items in the federal budget are Medicare, the government health insurance program for seniors, Social Security and the military. If you HAD to choose ONE, which of the following programs would you be willing to change in order to cut government spending – Medicare, Social Security or the military?

Medicare 21%
Social Security 17%
Military 45%

And that’s actually down 10 points since January.

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  1. Wouldn’t you love to see how that breaks down by party and other factors?

    Comment by FreedomDemocrat — 4/22/2011 @ 4:27 pm

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