Posted by Brad @ 11:28 am on January 24th 2011

Making the U.S. Congress Even More Like the Movie Mean Girls

This year, instead of Republicans on one side and Democrats on another, we’ll be treated to the sight Tuesday night of one giant congressional mixer, as Democrats and Republicans will pair up and be seated evenly throughout. The Supreme Court may not even show up, still in a snit over last year’s diss.

And now the big game of musical chairs is on, as Senators figure out who from the other party they’re going to sit with.

I am hereby announcing the launch of my new media consulting company, which will be devoted exclusively to cutting ads of Senators sitting next to and hopefully at some point embracing unpopular or loony members of the other party. These ads I will then sell to primary opponents for the next decade. Hey future-opponent-of-the-Democrat-sitting-next-to-Jim DeMint-or-Mitch-McConnell or future-opponent-of-the-Republican-sitting-next-to-John-Kerry-or-Harry-Reid? Call me!

And how many Highways-to-Nowhere do you have to get promised by your party leadership to agree to get paired with Nancy Pelosi?


  1. For the record, Justices Scalia, Alito, and Thomas will not be in attendance. This is the norm for Scalia, but new for Alito and Thomas. I’d be surprised if Roberts at least didn’t show.

    Comment by Brad — 1/25/2011 @ 2:40 pm

  2. Heh.

    Comment by Brad — 1/25/2011 @ 3:57 pm

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