Posted by Cameron @ 2:21 am on December 25th 2010

Young Me Now Me

Ze Frank has a pretty cool project where people submit current photos of themselves, recreating shots from years past. There are quite a few charming recreations and it’s worth a few minutes flipping through the best-of blog. As an intro to the project, this is one of the better ones with costumes and facial expressions dead on:


The one that took my breath away actually breaks the rules a bit. Which is why it is so awesome. The associated explanation, courtesy of the original post:

I had wanted to take a photo of my son standing on my hand just the way I had stood on my dadís hand as a baby. My wife snapped the photo and we were amazed at how much I resembled my dad in pose in that 40 year time warp. I will note that although my dad was holding me up in the air outside along the side of a road, I was holding my son, Warren, over a soft bed!

Instead of awkwardly recreating the pose with man being held by an aged father (like some), they adapted it and stumbled into the realm of art. In doing so, they’ve started a tradition that I sincerely hope is continued.

I love the resemblance between father and father. The pose is awesome. The execution is perfect. I’d pay for a print of these two photos in my home.

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