Posted by Brad @ 3:45 pm on November 30th 2010

DADT Review Out: Secretary Gates Calls on Congress for Full Repeal

The Pentagon review has determined that repealing DADT wouldn’t cause any adverse effects. Secretary Gates particularly warns Congress that if they don’t repeal it, the courts will, so if you want to give the military the ability to control the repeal process and make it as smooth as possible, pass a damn law.

There is literally nothing left for on-the-fencers to hide behind.


  1. Just for clarification’s sake, is Obama “on the fence” at this point or are we classifying him as outright against it?

    Comment by Rojas — 11/30/2010 @ 8:31 pm

  2. Foot dragger.

    Where we stand at the close of the lame duck session is going to be instructive. I’m willing to give Obama a pass if it turns out that DADT is repealed this month. After all, that’s precisely what he promised he was doing all along – an exhaustive study followed quickly by action in Congress to legislatively repeal. It’s hard to feel too snookered by Obama if what comes to pass is essentially what he’s been saying he was going to do all along (or at least since the beginning of his presidency). And at the very least, with Gates coming out so strongly, it’s clear that it’s the executive pushing this at this point. It would not have been my preferred mechanism at all, and clearly he felt no particular sense of urgency or understood that he was really gambling with a lot of people’s lives, but the Sullivan premise – that he’s just invested in a relatively dispassionate long game – strikes me as valid at this point. At this point, I’m having a harder time doubting his motives.

    However, if it can’t get through the lame duck, which means it may be dead in the water for the next Congress, I’ll reevaluate, and at the very least Obama will have been guilty of extreme hubris and gambling with something he ought not to have gambled with.

    Comment by Brad — 12/1/2010 @ 10:19 am

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