Posted by Brad @ 5:48 pm on November 29th 2010

Anti-Anti-Junk Touching at the Nation

I was going to write a post about the spat between The Nation and libertarianism (or, as they see it, the Great Koch Conspiracy to Influence America!). But it’s almost too stupid to recount. This new notion of some liberals to try to paint libertarianism or even libertarian-tinged Republicanism in an untoward light because it is tainted by contributions from the Koch family is just beyond me. Clearly I’m not the audience, but it’s striking to me that every time advocates of a political philosophy encounter advocates of a differing political philosophy, the first instinct is not to argue and discuss political philosophy, but rather circle the wagons and cast aspersions on the advocates themselves, as if, by definition, they cannot be right-thinking people whose motives are the same as theirs. On another level, I just don’t get the outcry that rich people fund every political movement in America, Democrat Republican or otherwise. It reminds me of the Glenn Beck right’s sudden obsession with George Soros. My first, second, and third thought is: so f*&#ing what?

Anyway, I guess I did just sort of write a post about it, but if you want a better one more specific to the Nation’s anti-anti-junk-touching stance, Radley Balko gives a pretty comprehensive rejoinder that’s worth your time, insofar as anything on this matter is.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve gotten crushingly cynical and curmudgeonly over the last two months. Must be the weather.

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